Learn to code for the Blockchain, where to begin ?

Mohamed Ben Hajla
3 min readMay 22, 2018


This is a short post about skills & resources , software developers should consider closely, if they want to keep up on Blockchain development.

The Investment in time and money to learn this technology is worth it, then despite the up and downs of the crypto market, this technology is here to stay.

too many platforms out there, where should I begin ?

Where to begin ?

One important aspect when dealing with a new and vast field like Blockchain is to focus.

To have an in-depth technical expertise and be able to implement real working solutions , developers should focus on one of the leading platforms to begin with.

Understanding the concepts ( architecture, patterns, programming languages, tools, processes) and challenges ( security, performance, scaling, limitations, known issues) throughly and how they are addressed in one platform makes a later switch to other Blockchain platform easier.

One of the leading and most popular public Blockchains today is Ethereum. Ethereum has the potential to become one of the standard platforms on the web in the future.

So lets’ look at the technical skills & resources developers should consider from the Ethereum point of view

Technical skills for Ethereum Blockchain developers

Blockchain & Smart contracts

  • Understand the main concepts ( cryptography, distributed computing, Merkle Trees) and if you want to be a core Blockchain developer and not a Smart contract or Blockchain Application developer, you need to invest more time on the main concepts.
  • Learn how to interact with the Blockchain through different API’S ( RPC, HTTP…), start by installing the ethereum Geth client and go through the tutorials to build you own test Blockchain
  • Learn how to build a smart contract with the solidity programming language, solidity is the most popular smart contract language on Ethereum
  • learn how to deploy and interact with smart contract on private and public Blockchains
  • learn the security best practices for smart contracts , and understand the known issues and hacks on smart contracts

Links & Downloads:

Ethereum home



Ethereum Blog

Decentralized Apps (DApps)

learn how to build frontends to access the Blockchain and smart contracts:

  • Learn how to use Web3 from JavaScript and HTML /CSS
  • learn how integrate JavaScript frameworks like React and Angular in you DApps ,with those frameworks you will be able to design and develop modular enterprise level DApps

Links & Downloads::




Learn the tool chain and the build process:

  • Truffle: when you get the basics , learn how to use an Enterprise ready tool for the development, truffle is today the tool of choice when building enterprise Blockchain solutions
  • Learn JS test Libraries ( Chai, Mocca) , which can be used to test smart contracts

Links & Downloads:



Blockchain Classroom courses, Conferences & Events

Blockchain Classroom courses & Workshops

Classroom and instructor led courses, are a very efficient way to learn fast and with guidance through experienced trainers:

“Frontend Development for Blockchain” Workshop Basel

Ethereum Developer Workshop Zurich

Blockchain for RealState Workshop Zurich (DE)

Ethereum/Hyperledger Course Frankfurt

“FullStack Blockchain Developer” 3 days Workshop Barcelona(DE)

Blockchain Conferences & Events

Technology conferences can also be a resource to learn and get an overview over the development of the technology and new trends in the market

Below is a list of conferences and events in Europe:

BaselOne Conference

CryptoValley Conference Zug

OpenCH ETH Zurich

BlockShow Berlin

Unchain Conf.

Blockchain Expo Amsterdam

Other Online resources

There are a plenty of free and paid online resources ( Youtube Videos , tutorials, blogs) where you can build up the skills around these topics on your own.

Ethereum Learn Network

Smart Contracts Programming Tutorial in Solidity(Youtube)



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